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You Never Give Me My Money
Season 3, Episode 4
You Never Give Me My Money infobox picture
Air Date 23rd November 2008
Guest cast
Previous Don't Go Breaking My Tooth
Next Killing Me Softly With His Height


Rico is selling Empanadas and tells everyone on the beach to get one. After Miley refuses to kiss Rico, he charges everyone $3. Having spent all her money on shoes, Rico says there are alternate forms of payment, implying he wants a kiss. Luckily, Lilly had money to spare. After returning home, Miley contemplates about how to ask her father for a raise in her allowance, since she already got one a month prior. After watching how her father refuses Jackson a later curfew, she becomes a bit discouraged. However, she bravely asks him for a raise and explains her reasoning as to why she deserves one, and her father offers her $5000. Jealous and angry, Jackson manages to convince his father to raise his curfew and, by extension, allow him to attend a party.

Miley, convinced that her dad is testing her responsibility, attempts to limit herself to what is absolutely essential, but ultimately fails when seeing the latest make-up product in the mall. When at home, her dad explains that he wasn't testing her responsibility; he knew she already was and was ready to make her own decisions all along. On the other hand, Jackson also fails to demonstrate his responsibility by losing his cell phone and lying about it. After seemingly failing to make Jackson feel guilty, his father rushes after Jackson, who is on his way to the party. However, he remained on their porch because of guilt. His dad feels proud and allows him to go, returning his cell phone afterward (as he knew where it was the whole time).


  • Despite Miley saying that she enjoyed the empanada, it's obvious she doesn't take a bite out of it as the top end is still on. Miley Cyrus might have not enjoyed it or the food was just a prop. (Though that can't be possible as Lilly took a bite out of hers and the top was bit.
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