You Gotta Lose That Job
Season 3, Episode 7
Air Date February 16, 2009
Guest cast
Previous Would I Lie to You, Lilly?
Next Welcome to the Bungle

"You Gotta Lose That Job" is the title of the episode is a reference to the Beatles' song "You gotta lose that girl".


Oliver is upset when his band fails an audition to play at the school dance and, to make matters worse, Hannah lands a role in an upcoming movie, causing Oliver to feel even more insecure. Oliver avoids Miley for a while because she always gets everything she wants. To show Oliver what an understanding friend she is, Miley decides to blow the next audition with the director, Rob Reiner, by acting like a total diva, but her plan backfires when Rob is impressed by Hannah's acting skills. Meanwhile, Rico ruins the dummy Jackson is going to use for his ventriloquist show, so Jackson uses Rico as the substitute at a birthday party performance. Rico makes Jackson look really bad in front of the kids, but they enjoy the show anyway.

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