Yet Another Side of Me
Season 2, Episode 26
Air Date August 3, 2008
Guest cast Meshach Taylor, Rachel York
Previous Hannah in the Street with Diamonds
Next The Test of My Love

"Yet Another Side of Me" is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 2. The title of this episode refers to Hannah Montana's own song The Other Side of Me from season 1.


The episode starts with Dahliano, the designer, dressing up Hannah for a show. Hannah loves it and does her "Hannah Happy Dance", but when Isis (a singer who sings Immaterial Girl) comes in Dahliano changes the room to impress Isis. Isis tries to tell Hannah that she needs to change her style because she is getting boring or else her career will end. This makes Hannah upset.

Next, Jackson is out with Becky and offers to take her on a date. Jackson then tries to convince Rico to up his salary because he needs more money for his date. Rico says yes, but on one condition, if a person says the word dog, he has to "woof". After Jackson agrees a couple shows up and Jackson starts barking because the girlfriend wanted a hot dog. The man then chases Jackson because he accused him of calling his girlfriend a dog.

In the next scene Miley is trying to figure out different changes for her career. She daydreams about what they would be like and doesn't like any of them. Miley then figures out to stay on top, she has to be the opposite of Hannah. She shows the "Anti-Hannah" to Oliver, Lilly, and her dad and they are terrified of the new Hannah, but pretend to like it for her. Her dad tries to give her a lecture on how it's going to scare the kids, but Miley disagrees. She then turns to her friends for advice and they say they hate her too. Miley responds with "What do you know?" and says they are just trying to keep her in a box. 

Then it cuts off to Jackson all beat up. Jackson says to Rico to stop messing with him and go hang out with his friends. Jackson then realizes that Rico doesn't have any friends. Jackson then gives advice saying if Rico was nice to people, people would actually like him. Rico agrees, but gives an excuse that everyone is an idiot. 

Hannah is then at the Sunshine girls benefit where she shows her new self. She is wearing a red wig and grungy outfit. All the girls like the new Hannah and go wild by throwing napkins and food. Hannah tries to calm them down but instead they start swinging off of chandeliers and ties up her dad. Miley wakes up and realizes it's a dream, when her dad comes in bearing a raccoon, thinking there is a robber in the house. Miley finally admits her dad was right about not trying to change who she was.

At the end, Hannah walks in to tell Dahliano she's canceling the new Hannah look. She realizes Isis is there, when she comes out wearing Hannah's look.