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Wherever I Go
Season 4, Episode 13
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Air Date January 16, 2011
Guest cast Shanica Knowles
Anna Maria Perez de Taglé
Mitchel Musso
Previous I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!
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Wherever I Go is the 13th episode of the fourth season of Hannah Montana. It is also the series finale and a two part special, meaning that the series has ended.


Just as the girls are preparing for college orientation, Miley is offered a plum role in a movie that will be filming overseas. Jackson is compelled to find a job, but his lack of experience leaves him with few options.

Full plot

Miley gets an offer from Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise to star in a movie. However, filming is in Paris, and will take a year, making her incapable of going to college with her best friend, Lilly.

She keeps this from Lilly, and tries to get Lilly to come to the decision of not wanting to go to college with Miley, when they drive to Stanford University for a weekend orientation. Lilly, however, is just happy to be able to go to school with her best friend.

Finally, Miley reveals the movie deal to Lilly, and they get into an argument, where Lilly says to Miley that she would never want to go anywhere with her again. On the car ride home, Lilly further declares that she is moving back in with her father. Distraught, Miley discusses her dilemma with Jackson, and he suggests that Miley should have asked for Lilly to join her in Paris. Miley then hugs Jackson, and Robby declares it a touching moment for him.

Miley realizes that the real reason Lilly was upset was because they have done everything together, and Miley didn't ask Lilly to come with her to Paris. Miley then asks for Lilly to come with her to Paris, and they both decide to go to Paris together. Miley and Lilly's respective boyfriends, Jesse and Oliver, meet up with them at the airport to see them before their trip.

Oliver gives Lilly some key words that force her to second guess her decision. Before getting onto the plane, Lilly tells Miley that she has decided to go to college after all, even if it means being without Miley. Miley and Lilly begin their lives apart backed by a duet sung by the two actresses. The music eventually centers in Lilly's dorm where she gets a knock on her door.

She opens the door to reveal Miley, who declares, "I'm Miley, I'm your new roommate." Miley tells Lilly that there will always be movies, concerts, and tours for her to do, but she will only have one chance to go to college with her best friend. The two hug, and then a montage of images from the course of the show is displayed through the credits with the song "I'll Always Remember You" as the series ends.

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Memorable Quotes

Rico [to Jackson when he gives him the new job]: You're my best frieeeehh.hh.hhh... frieehhhhehh..friend (quickly in a whisper).
Miley [to Robby Ray after he hangs up on Steven Spielberg]: Oversized sweatshirt buying Daddy who just said three time Academy Award winning director-producer of Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET, Men In Black 1 and 2 wants me to start in his next big blockbuster opposite of Mission: Impossible hunky hunk Tom Cruise say WHAT?
Rico'"[to Jackson]: BACKWARDS BUBBLE HEAD!
Jackson[to Rico]: FAT FACED FREAK!
Miley: [to Lilly] Hey Lilly. Lets boogy!
Lilly: [turns around to Miley]
Miley: You're not going to Paris, are you?
Lilly: [starts to cry] I can't. Miley, Paris, and Spealburg, and Cruise, it's all incrediable and it's like a dream come true!
Miley: Then, what's the problem?
Lilly: [still crying] Well, the problem is it's your dream. My dream's college. It's always been college.
Miley: But, we talked about this, remember? Wait this year, and then we go to college together!
 Lilly:[still crying] No you don't know that! 
Miley: Yeah I do!
Lilly: [still crying] No you don't! I mean, what happens is another great movie over comes up? 'Cause you know there will be one! I mean, what are you gonna do then?
Miley: [sighs]
Lilly: [still crying] Exactly, see you don't know! And that's fine, because it's your life.
 Miley: But it's not yours.
Lilly: [still crying]  I'm sorry
Miley: For what. Being the best friend, I ever had? [Miley and Lilly hug] I'm gonna miss you so much!
Lilly: [still crying] I love you!
[Lilly is in her dorm room and Miley knocks on the door and Lilly opens the door]
Miley: I'm Miley. I'm your new roomate!
Lilly: [very happy] Really?!
Miley: Yeah! [they hug] You were right. Ya know, there are gonna be millions of movies, and concerts, and tours and movies....but, I only get one chance to go to college with my best friend.
[they hug again]
Miley: I love you so much!
Lilly: I know!
[flashbacks from the start of the show, to the end are shown and the episode ends]


  • This is the series finale for Hannah Montana.
  • Miley got the chance to do a movie in Europe for a year with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.
  • Jackson gets a job as a video game tester.
  • Jackson and Rico become friends.
  • Miley and Lilly go to college together, which is the final scene of the series.
  • This was the second episode to show flashbacks.
  • This was the final appearances of Miley Stewart, Jackson Stewart, Lilly Truscott, Robby Ray Stewart and Rico.
  • Oliver and Jesse made guest appearances.
  • Amber and Ashley, also made guest appearances.
  • The final song of the series was, "I'll Always Remember You".
  • The final spoken words of the series were said by Lilly. "I know!"
    • Originally the writers wanted Miley to say the last words of the series but Osment tossed in one final line so that she could have the honor of being the one to close out the series.
    • Emily Osment stated this in a tweet. [1]
  • There is an alternate ending of the episode, where the whole series was Miley Cyrus' imagination when she was a child.


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