What I Don't Like About You
Season 3, Episode 13
Air Date April 19, 2009
Guest cast
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What I Don't Like About You is a 13th episode of Season 3. It is the title reference to the song, "What I Like About You".


In this episode Miley returns from her Indiana Joanie movie. Lilly and Oliver are at her house when she returns, and when she goes to get changed, Oliver asked "How long you thnk she's gonna be?" Lilly replies "10, 15 minutes". "You thinking what I'm thinking?" The two lean in to kiss at the same time Miley returns. Miley, shocked, watches them for a few minutes while they talk about keeping it as a secret in front of Miley, then leaves the room again. A few day later, she tells Lilly and Oliver she knows their secret and asks how it started. The two get in a fight over where they went for their first date and whether Radiohead or Coldplay was better and break-up. Miley brings them back together by making a short Indiana Joanie movie.