We're All on This Date Together
Season 2, Episode 29
Air Date October 12 2008
Guest cast Corbin Bleu
Previous Joannie B. Goode
Next No Sugar, Sugar

We're All on This Date Together is episode thirty of the second season of the show which was first shown on October 12th, 2008.


Johnny Collins (Corbin Bleu) wins an auctioned "Date with Hannah" but has his bid tied with Rico. The auctioneer, Donny Osmond, asks Hannah if it's okay to go on the date with the two of them since the money would be well used (she fetched more than a day with Ray Romano - it was quite the star studded episode). Pressured by the audience, Hannah reluctantly says yes, then gets Lilly and Oliver, who both have the flu, to give their sickness to Rico so he can't go on the date.

Lilly and Oliver are successful in infecting the little tyrant, but it doesn't stop him from trying to have the date of a lifetime. While on the date with Johnny and Rico, Hannah tries sabotaging Rico so he will leave, but the young mogul stands firm on the date. Johnny gets disgusted with Hannah's tactics and leaves in a huff. Meanwhile, Rico winds up in a lobster tank.

Later at the beach, Miley as herself goes up to talk to Johnny, but then her flu comes along and she throws up.

Mike and Lola are at the auction with Hannah in the beginning but don't make it to the date.

In a sub-plot, Roxy tells an old school rival that she's married to Robby Ray and ropes him and Jackson into a pretend date. 


  • Corbin Bleu, best known as Chad in High School Musical, guest stars in this episode.
  • Johnny (Corbin Bleu) makes references to High School Musical in this episode such as: "Get your head in the game" and "We're all in this together".
  • This marks the final appearance of Johnny and of Hannah Montana's original look.
  • This is the last episode to use the original opening credit display and theme song.
  • The episode title is a reference to the song from the first High School Musical movie, We're All In This Together.
  • One of Miley's fantasies is her singing "If We Were a Movie" with Johnny, and on the the Hannah Montana 3 soundtrack, one of the songs is "If We Were a Movie" ft. Corbin Bleu.
  • Donny Osmond and Ray Romano, who guest star in this episode, are actually 12 days apart in age. They were both born in December 1957, with Osmond being born on the 9th and Romano on the 21st.