Earl Stewart (Uncle Earl)
Hannah Montana Uncle Earl 5

General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 23, 1961 (age 57)
Address: Tennessee
Family & Friends
Family: Mamaw (Mother)
Robby Ray Stewart (Brother)
Aunt Pearl (Wife)
Miley Ray Stewart (Niece)
Jackson Stewart (Nephew)
Pet(s): Cuddles (Pig)
Series Information
First seen: (We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl
Last seen: Miley Says Goodbye?
Portrayer: David Koechner

Earl Stewart (also known as Uncle Earl) is Robby's older brother, Mamaw's son, Susan Stewart's brother-in-law, and Jackson and Miley's paternal uncle. At one time he once had a dream to be a rock star like his younger brother but never accomplished it. He has a pig named Cuddles.

Uncle Earl is frequently mentioned throughout the series as doing something incredibly bizarre, such as boxing a kangaroo or drilling for oil and hitting a sewage pipe.