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Travis Brody was a childhood friend of Miley Stewart and her love interest in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

He is played by Lucas Till.

Hannah Montana: The Movie[]

When Robby takes Miley and Jackson to Crowley Corners, for Ruby's birthday. Travis is one of the first people to meet up with Miley, and helps her with her horse Blue Jeans. Miley tries to write new songs, but develops writer's block because of Travis.

When Miley hears that a mall is in development, she is convinced to help oppose the project. At a charity to stop the development, the land developer, Mr. Bradley shows up and tells them that he will pull through the plan, regardless of how much money they have. Travis remembers Miley telling a story about saving Hannah Montana's life during a surfing accident and convinces her to get "Hannah" to support the town, but he still isn't aware of her secret.

Lilly shows up dressed as Hannah, to help protect her secret. Miley meets Travis as Hannah, but he is unimpressed, and reveals he had a crush on Miley. As Hannah, Miley convinces Travis to ask her out. He does so and she accepts, but is invited to dinner with the mayor.

Miley tries to be in two places at once, but she lets her guard down and is caught by Travis. He becomes confused and angry at Miley calling her a liar. Miley is put into a depression.

After Miley is cheered up by her father, she finishes a chicken coop she and Travis were working on. He finds it and is touched by the gesture and goes to see her concert. Miley see's Travis there and admits to the crowd she can not live a lie anymore, especially since she's home and removes her wig. The townspeople convince her to continue living her life as Hannah and support her, even stopping Oswald Granger from exposing her secret. Later Travis is seen giving Miley a kiss.


  • Travis (Lucas Till) does not appear in any episode of the series.