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Traci Van Horn

Traci Van Horn is Hannah's friend and Lola's frenemy. She is seen in 11 episodes (listed below).

She has a squeaky voice ("It's A Nasal Condition!") and does what she can to get under Lola's skin. She is even getting on Miley's (Hannah's) nerves sometimes. She almost married Jake Ryan but it was revealed as a prank.

Known Facts

  • Traci has sinus problems, hence the squeaky voice.
  • Traci attends Hannah Montana concerts backstage.
  • Traci throws parties where well known celebrities are invited.
  • Traci is the host of charity events.
  • Traci once shot a snot rocket so big it hit both of the Olsen twins.
  • Traci thinks Lola is "so uncool".
  • Traci does not like her own mother. She even lets her mother being escorted out of a party by security.
  • Traci uses the newest Z-phone.
  • Traci has a masseuse called Svetlana.
  • Traci hires a fake boyfriend or what she calls a "faux beau".

Appears in



Traci and Jake set up Hannah Montana


Hannah, Traci and one of her friends


Traci meets Lola for the first time

Traci Van Horne

Traci Van Horn in Jake... Another Little Piece of My Heart, saying: "Hannah! What a wonderful surprise! And Lola... -- Hannah! what a wonderful surprise!"