The Way We Almost Weren't
Season 2, Episode 23
Air Date May 4 2008
Guest cast
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The Way We Almost Weren't is the 23rd episode of Season 2. This episode's titular reference is of the Barbra Streisand song, "The Way We Were". This episode aired in the UK on November 15, 2007.


Miley goes back in time when she gets struck by lightning. She and Jackson go to the time when their mom and dad met. She tries to hook Robby and Susan together, and learn that you shouldn't hurry and not see that even mediocre attractions have historical signifance and beauty.

Meanwhile, Lilly and Oliver want to go to the Maroon 5 concert but get stuck to chairs and have to use nail polish remover and monster glue remover.


Oliver (to Lilly while they're both stuck to chairs): Why do you get to be in front?
Lilly: Because I'm a girl and you, me, and the guy at the hardware store agree that you're an IDIOT!
Hannah [to the crowd]: Thank you, thank you. [to Robby] Where are we?
Robby: Albuquerque.
Hannah [to the crowd]: Albuquerque. My favorite city in my favorite state...
Jackson [sneaking up behind Hannah] Guam.
Hannah [to the crowd]: Guam!
Crowd: Huh?
Miley [to Robbie]: I know where you can see the world's biggest pile of dirty socks...Jackson's Room! Let's drive.
Jackson: And if you're good, I'll let you ride down the underwear mountain.
Miley and Jackson: [in unison] WOOOOSH!
Lilly [after getting stuck to a chair with monster glue]: Come here.
Oliver: No.
Lilly: Come here. No. I'm not gonna hurt you.
Oliver: That's what you always say before you hurt me!
Lilly: Get over here!!
Lilly (to Oliver): Did I mention I hate you?
Oliver: 37 times.
Lilly: If you make me miss that Maroon 5 concert, I swear...
Oliver: You're not gonna miss it! Miley said she would be back, she'll probably be home any minute.
Miley [on the answering machine]: Lilly, are you there watering the plants? I tried your cell phone a bunch of times. Hey, I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna make the concert. We decided to make a few stops along the way. I got a picture of the world's largest rubber band ball. That sucker is HUGE! Have a great time at the concert! Bye!
Lilly [still stuck to the chair laying on the floor]: I hate you.
Oliver: 38.