The Idol Side of Me
Season 1, Episode 24
Air Date February 9, 2007
Guest cast Shanica Knowles
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
R. Brandon Johnson
Peter Allen Vogt
Morgan York
Jack Taylor
Alec Ledd
Christian Serratos
Previous Schooly Bully
Next Smells Like Teen Sellout

"The Idol Side of Me" is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season. The title is a reference to Miley Cyrus' song "The Other Side of Me" and American Idol.


The TV show "Singing With The Stars" is set up to see who can sing the best and the winner gets to perform with Hannah Montana. At school, Amber and Ashley's new popularity list places Miley and Lilly in last place, tied with Dandruff Danny, and as a result even Oliver starts trying to avoid being seen with them. Miley thinks Amber is a bad singer, so she tries to embarrass her by getting her on the show, but it turns out that Ashley was the bad singer, not Amber.

Lola makes a trap for Amber's entrance, but when Hannah talks to Amber backstage, Amber tells Hannah that she had been an unpopular girl with glasses when she was younger, and she pretends like it never bothered her. Hannah begins to feel guilty about the trap; she gets Amber to promise that she'll be nicer to other kids in the future and then tells her to go through the red entrance, instead of the green entrance.

Hannah goes through the green entrance instead and is covered in a green substance from the fog used as she went through it. Back at school, it turns out that all Amber has done is boost Dandruff Danny's placement on the list, not Miley and Lilly's. Lilly places a similar trap with the green substance in Amber's locker, causing her to be covered in it. Meanwhile, Jackson and his Dad try to sort out a problem with a noisy dog.


  • Miley has a black extension on her hair when the man with curly hair is telling her what to do. When she is about to perform, it is gone.
  • After Robby finishes barking, his watch is gone from his right arm.
  • Lilly acted like she never knew that Miley had a pet pig named Luann now but Miley had told her before in Torn Between Two Hannahs. It's possible that Lilly forgot.