Song Sung Bad
Season 2, Episode 15
Air Date August 4, 2007
Guest cast Shanica Knowles
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
Greg Baker
Morgan York
Previous Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting
Next Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas

"Song Sung Bad" is the fifteenth episode of Season 2. The title is a reference to the Neil Diamond song, "Song Sung Blue."


Lilly records a song as a gift for her mother. However, she is not a good singer, so Miley edits it to make it sound better, without telling Lilly. When Lilly hears it, she comes to believe that she is a great singer, and agrees to compete against Amber in "Karaoke Night" at school. Miley is forced to tell Lilly the truth, and she shows Lilly the original tape. The two girls devise a plan to beat Amber by making Lilly lip-sync a song, while Miley sings it for real in another room. Unfortunately, Miley lets out a spider by accident, and it crawls up her arm, which causes things to go awry.

Meanwhile, Jackson has to deal with Miley and Lilly's friend, Sarah (Morgan York), when she thinks he likes her.


  • The CD given by Lilly to her mother was Emily Osment's actual singing voice.
  • In real life, Miley Cyrus has a fear of spiders. (Like in the episode Debt It Be).
  • Although Lily can't sing her actress Emily Osment can sing.