Rico's Surf Shop

Rico's Surf Shop is a fictional beach shack in the series Hannah Montana. It is owned by Rico, hense the name Rico's Surf Shop. Rico's father had bought it for him a few years back, and is the only shop seen on the beach. It was originally placed on the sand of the beach, but due to some changes with the shop, Rico had placed sand from Costa Rica around the shack. Rico is almost always seen in the Shop, as well as Jackson, who have an odd relationship with each other.

When Rico fired Jackson from the shack, Jackson and Oliver opened a Cheese Jerky Shack, and Rico lost most of his customers. He then tried to steal the recipe. But when the team went bankrupt, Jackson said it was all a dream, and Rico was just imagining the whole thing up (Ackey Jakey Heart parts 1 and 2).

When Rico made fun of Robbie (and Jackson,) Robbie placed him on the underside of the Shop's counter, and he was able to stay there because of the high amount of gum.

This famous shop was actually also a source of inspiration for a really fun online game, called Rico's Surf Shop Challenge! During the game, you need to help Miley, Lilly, Oliver, and Jackson to beat Rico`s Surf Shop Challenge and sell as many things as they can to the customers!


Rico- The owner of the shop, is also seen working there as well. He is mostly seen at the shop, when not at school.

Jackson- Normally referred to by Rico as the dimm-witted employee, is seen at the shop as well. He is normally bagged on by Rico, and usually is seen hitting on girls while at the shop.

Saint Sarah- In an episode, Sarah is seen working at the shop, trying to conserve energy, and keeping Jackson away from any girl.

Robby Ray- When Jackson's car was broke down, Robby Ray filled in in order to preserve Jackson's job. At first Mr. Stewart agreed to wear a hair net when customers complained of hair in their food. But when Rico made fun of him and badmouthed Jackson and the Stewart family, Robby Ray took out his anger on Rico by hanging him from the underside of the shack's counter, where Rico remained suspended for the remainder of the episode due to the large amount of gum.

Oliver- He was tricked by Rico into working there after Jackson left for college. However, Rico thought he enjoyed it too much, contrary to Jackson.

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