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Promma Mia
Season 3, Episode 14
Proma Mia Infobox picture
Air Date May 3, 2009
Guest cast
Previous What I Don't Like About You
Next Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy


A geeky student (Aaron) asks Miley Stewart to the prom.

Miley agrees to go to the prom with him, because nobody else wants to go with him, but she ditches him to sing a duet with David Archuleta. After guilt takes over, she realizes that she had already made a promise to be at the prom with Aaron and decides to live up to her commitment. Robby helps Jackson Stewart realize why enrolling for college is important, persuading him by making him think of what his life would be like if he doesn't go.


  • The title of this episode (Promma Mia) is a reference to the movie Mamma Mia.
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