Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy
Season 3, Episode 15
Air Date May 17, 2009
Guest cast
Previous Promma Mia
Next Jake... Another Little Piece of My Heart

Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy aired May 31, 2009 (US) on Disney Channel. The title is a reference to Commodores' song "Three Times a Lady".


Miley hates the fact that Lilly and Oliver are going out and the lovely couple thinks Miley should have a boyfriend so they set up a blind date for Miley, but the guy is still upset about losing his ex. Then after a Hannah Montana concert Miley meets Traci's fake boyfriend or what she calls a "faux beau" and Miley develops a crush on him. But then he couldn't come and Miley said, " No show faux beau say what?!". Then the guy sends his obnoxious roommate that falls in love with Miley. Miley decides to make him pretend to break up with him if he gets the blender. But he said he's too in love with her to do it unless he gets the TV. Angry and annoyed Miley dumps a potted plant on his head. Then she talks to Lilly and Oliver and realized the whole reason they set up her up on those blind dates was to make her happy, but she said as long as she has her friends she's good.

In a sub-plot, Jackson gets injured and finds Rico's concern a little too hard to believe.


  • Miley's fake date states "would Troy leave Gabriella" this a reference to High School Musical
  • At one part in the episode Lilly and Oliver give Miley a chance to pick a date. They say Bachelorette #1, 2, and 3. This is a reference to The Dating Game.
  • The movie that Rico gives Jackson is a reference to "Pengvins Avay" a movie about German penguins who parachute into America.
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