On the Road Again
Season 1, Episode 12
Air Date July 28, 2006
Guest cast Ashley Tisdale
Frances Callier
Richard Portnow
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"On the Road Again" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Hannah Montana. It features a crossover with The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The title refers to the Willie Nelson song "On the Road Again".


When Hannah Montana stays at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, she befriends the candy counter girl Maddie Fitzpatrick. Listening to Robby sing, Maddie recognizes him as Robbie Ray, the "Honkytonk Heartthrob". Apparently both she and her mother were Robbie Ray fans. When she talks to Hannah about his career back in the day, Miley starts to believe that her father gave up his dream to sing so that Miley could pursue her own career. To give him back the stage life, she recruits the help of his former manager to get Robby back on the road.

Robby goes to San Diego while Roxy takes care of Jackson and Miley. Unfortunately, Roxy is very overprotective and will not let the children go out of her sight and even ties them up along with her when they sleep. Jackson gets fed up and goes to San Diego, followed by Miley and Roxy.

Billy Ray Cyrus (as Robbie Ray) performs "I Want My Mullet Back" in this episode. However upon seeing his father perform and of the offer to go on tour with Toby Keith, Jackson changes his mind. However Robby also changes his mind because he doesn't want to leave his kids again. In the end, Robby explains to Miley that, in the beginning, he didn't give up his dream of being at the top because he had to: he did it because he wanted to--Robby wanted to spend more time with his family and focus on being a good father to his kids.

At the end of the episode both Robby and Miley perform an encore performance of "I Want My Mullet Back", complete with mullet wigs and Jackson, also wearing a mullet, doing the underarm trumpet. Maddie also shows up as a crazed Robbie Ray fan, but is chased away by Roxy.