New Kid in School
Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date August 18, 2006
Guest cast Cody Linley
Shanica Knowles
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
Gwendoline Yeo
Greg Baker
Jay Brian Winnick
Jack Taylor
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"New Kid in School" is the fourteenth episode of the first season. The title is a reference to the Eagles song "New Kid in Town".


Jake Ryan, a handsome and famous television star, is transferring to Miley and Lilly's school. As soon as he arrives, a reporter is filming a "documentary" about his new school life, and Lilly (along with every other girl in the class) immediately falls head over heels in love with him. However, Miley sees behind his handsome face and sees him as big-headed and annoying because he is showing off his superstardom. Miley becomes jealous because she is Hannah Montana, but Jake's getting all the attention and is treated better than everyone else. Lilly and Oliver tell Miley that if she tells everyone that she is Hannah Montana, they could get all the respect and extra things (eating in class and double sized locker) that Jake got.

Due to anger and stress, Miley tells the reporter that she is Hannah Montana. The reporter doesn't believe her, but Miley tells the reporter her address, so Miley can prove it. However Jake tells Miley that he likes the superstardom, but he likes Miley because she sees the real Jake, not the superstar. And Jake wishes he could turn the fame and fortune off because it can get annoying. At this point, Jake is swept with his fans, and Miley realizes she made a mistake telling the reporter about her being Hannah Montana. When the reporter comes to the house, Miley is dressed like a Hannah impersonator, Jackson as Elvis, and Robby Ray as Billy Ray Cyrus. The reporter then leaves thinking they are crazy. Miley decides if she's going to tell someone she's Hannah Montana, she's going to be extra sure it's the right decision.

In a subplot, Jackson gets a new used car. When he's about to go on a date, Jackson starts the car, but the battery dies. Jackson convinces Robby to let him take Robby's new car, which is much better, to take his girlfriend on the date. When Robby takes Jackson's car to replace the battery, a truck accidentally rips the car door off the car. In order to hide this, he forgives all of Jackson's mistakes. Jackson eventually finds out and Robby has to do all his desires until the car door is fixed.


  • At the end, when the reporter is leaving, Robby has a mullet on and says, "Hi, I'm Billy Ray Cyrus", which is portraying himself.