Mr. Dontzig

Albert Dontzig (Paul Vogt and Peter Allen Vogt) is the Stewarts' wealthy, obese, and obnoxious next-door neighbor who has an ongoing rivalry with both Robby and Jackson.

He can't stand the Stewarts, saying "I hate neighbours! That's why I have the big hedge!" He complains of leaves from their tree falling into his outdoor hot tub and makes fun of Jackson's new used car. His wife once had a car similar to Jackson's but traded it in because she thought it was too "girly." Mr. Dontzig tricks the Stewarts into a competition to see who can make their house look the scariest for Halloween, while all he wanted to do was attract more children to his house. This plan of course, backfires on him. He takes advantage of the Stewarts' generosity by feigning sickness to have them watch his bratty eight-year-old niece Patty (Savannah Stehlin). Patty becomes the centre of a bet between Jackson and Miley in "Bad Moose Rising"

Dontzig is an alumnus of the (fictional) State University of Santa Barbara and is a generous donor to the school. To write a letter of recommendation to the school in support of Jackson's matriculating, Dontzig has Jackson perform menial favors for him.

Dontzig is the only character in Hannah Montana to be portrayed by two separate actors. Paul Vogt debuted the role in "Miley Get Your Gum," and his identical twin brother, Peter Allen Vogt, has performed the role ever since in the episodes "Torn Between Two Hannahs," "The Idol Side of Me," "Bad Moose Rising," and "Killing Me Softly with His Height." Paul returned in the episode "Killing Me Softly with His Height" in the role of Dontzig's sister, Donna, who is a huge Robbie Ray fan. Dontzig also has a cousin named Francesca (Lisa Rinna) who is also a Robbie Ray fan.