More Than a Zombie to Me
Season 1, Episode 15
Air Date September 8, 2006
Guest cast Cody Linley
Khary Payton
Nicole Friend
Morgan York
Previous New Kid in School
Next Good Golly, Miss Dolly

"More Than a Zombie to Me" is the fifteenth episode of season 1. The episode title is a reference to the Bee Gees song "More than a Woman (To Me)."


Jake Ryan asks Miley to the school dance, but Miley refuses. She lands a guest-starring role (as Hannah Montana) on his television show, Zombie High, and they have a kissing scene. Miley doesn't want to kiss Jake and asks the director if she can kiss his "demon dog" instead. However, soon she finds out that Jake really likes her (other people like Jake Ryan the celebrity, and Miley says she doesn't like him for the celebrity or the person). Miley realizes she does like Jake, so she wants to do the kissing scene. But the director now wants her to kiss the demon dog as she requested. The next day, she tries to tell Lilly that she likes Jake and wants to go to the dance with him now, but while she is attempting to do so, Jake comes up and asks Lilly to the dance, and she accepts, ignoring Miley's protests. Miley tells Lilly that she likes Jake, but Lilly still decides to go the dance with him. They get into a huge fight, and storm off. Miley comes to the dance in a tight red dress to get Jake to notice her. Lilly and Miley get in a big fight over Jake, which leaves Lilly in tears and Miley feeling horrible. However, while fighting over Jake, they lose their grip on him; Miley takes a dive into chips and Lilly splashes into the punch. They make up while cleaning up in the bathroom, and end up dancing with each other, though both still swooning over Jake.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Robby engage in a war, which involves Jackson's falling into a punji pit. In the end of the episode, they are sitting at the bottom, at this point heavily suspicious of movement, when someone calls to help them. Both thinking the other is trying to prank them, neither of them answers. It then shows a man at the top of the pit holding a rope to rescue them. He sighs, says to the other people with him that maybe they could give the help to someone else in the neighborhood, and walks away.


In one scene, Jake says that "girls A-L" are in the morning, and "girls M-Z" are after lunch. However, he asks Miley out in the morning, which clearly violates his rule.

During filming of zombie High, the director makes a reference to the opening credits of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.