Margo is Mikayla's manager. She is very forceful and loud. She is even this way with her child, (mentioned in That's What Friends Are For?) but not with Mikayla.

She also has a small rivalry with Miley's dad and Hannah's manager, Robby Ray Stewart, where they get in insulting contests, like Hannah and Mikayla do, like in I Want You to Want Me…to Go to Florida, when Margo says "While you're at it, how about you shave that ferret off your face, kay?" and he goes "I'll shave mine, when you shave yers." She likes cashews. We know this because when Mikayla is given some food while she is getting her make-up done to be Jake Ryan's alien co-star, Margo yells on the phone something like "If there are not a bunch of curly nuts down here pronto..." to which Mikayla, who is right next to her, replies "But I don't like cashews." ...And she says "I know, but I do."