Kiss It All Goodbye
Season 4, Episode 11
Normal KissItAllGoodBye001 (23)
Air Date December 19, 2010
Guest cast Michael Kagan as Collin Lassiter
Daniel Windhymm Hayes as Ollie Jr.
Dolly Parton as Aunt Dolly
Previous Can You See the Real Me?
Next I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!

Kiss It All Goodbye is the eleventh episode of Hannah Montana Forever which aired on December 19, 2010.


After revealing to the world that she and Hannah Montana are the same person, Miley faces the critics and finds out that every adult hates her and thinks that the kids do too. Even Colin Lassiter (who was no help whatsoever) hates her. Miley becomes scared that she can never perform again but Aunt Dolly and Robbie come to the rescue and decide not to let fear cloud her forever and goes back on stage and sings and as it turns out, not everybody hates her.

Meanwhile, Rico becomes insane for not knowing that Miley was Hannah Montana, and gets even worse when he discovers Lilly was Lola. Finally it's up to Jackson to remind Rico that even the smartest people in history still made mistakes.




  • In this episode, Rico falls apart because he did not know Miley was Hannah Montana. While in He Could Be the One, he and Jackson sing about Miley's difficult decision, which involved her secret. It is uncertain if he knew the secret. However, his performances with Jackson could've just been for entertainment, and not actually supposed to be inside the show.
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