Johnny Collins

Johnny Collins (Corbin Bleu) is Miley's schoolmate who appears in the pilot episode. Miley had a huge crush on him but was afraid to speak to him. Johnny was a fan of Hannah Montana, and gets her autograph after her Los Angeles concert. He asked her to sign it to Johnny, claiming that Johnny is his little brother. Johnny was not seen again until close to the end of the second season in "We're All On This Date Together" His two year absence was the result of going to school in Arizona. Rico calls Johnny "Poodle Dude," referencing his curly afro. He apparently comes from a rich family as he buys a dinner date with Hannah Montana for $19,000 at a charity auction. He got mad at Miley when Rico fell in a fish tank. Hannah laughed at him and he left angry and frustrated at her. He later met Miley but left disgusted after Miley vomited.