Joannie Palumbo

General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Unknown
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Friends: Lilly Truscott
Oliver Oken
Miley Stewart (Frenemy)
Pet(s): Unknown
Boss: Unknown
Employees: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Other Information
Interests: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Awards: Unknown
Series Information
First seen: Cuffs Will Keep Us Together
Last seen: I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!
Portrayer: Hayley Chase

Joannie Palumbo (Hayley Chase) was the enemy of Lilly and Miley before dating Oliver and finding out that her and Lilly have a lot in common. She shortly broke up with Oliver but stayed good friends with Lilly, and soon became Miley's (in a way, sort of). 


Joannie was Lilly's arch-rival since 2nd grade when Joannie cut the string on Lilly's kite and popped Lilly's balloon. In Cuffs Will Keep Us Together, when Lilly and Joannie are both chosen to be football captains in gym instead of betting a quarter like Lilly wanted, they bet that the winner could give the other a haircut. This scared Lilly and so, instead of choosing Miley, Lilly chose the best players and ended up winning the game, shaving off half of Joannie's hair.

In Joannie B. Goode, Joannie and Oliver start dating much to the dismay of Lilly and Miley. They all agree to get along for Oliver's sake and Miley and Lilly invite her to a sleepover. They spend most of the evening fighting until Lilly and Joannie realize that they both like hockey. They also find out that they have much more in common. Miley is extremely jealous of their close friendship but Lilly promises that Miley will always be her best friend.

It is said in Joanie B. Goode, Joannie does not like Hannah Montana . But in Hannah Montana to the principal's office, When Hannah says Joannie's name, Joannie acts excited that Hannah knows her name . Also when Hannah came up to Sarah and joannie, Joannie and Sarah screamed . It's possible that Joannie acted like she didn't like Hannah Montana when she secretly did .


  • Joannie's mom is dating Sarah's dad


Oliver Oken - (Friend/Ex-Boyfriend/Dated)

  • STATUS - July 22,2007–July 28th,2007 (Dating)
  • STATUS - May 2008–Unknown (Friends)

In Joannie B. Goode, Joannie and Oliver start dating after what seems to be love at first sight. He doesn't break up with her even though Lilly and Miley both pressure him to do so. They break up in "Papa's Got a Brand New Friend".

Lilly Truscott - (Former Enemy/Frenemy/Friend/Close Friend)

In Joannie B. Palumbo, Lilly and Miley decided to invite Joanie to a sleepover just because of Oliver's sake. They start fighting until Joanie and Lilly figure out that they have a lot in common. The two become friends but Miley is afraid that Lilly will abandon her even if Lilly promised that she and Miley will still be close friends.

Miley Stewart - (Former Enemy/Frenemy/Friend)

Miley Stewart-[Episode 43-?]  Miley and Lilly decided to invite Joanie to a sleepover just because of Oliver's sake. They start fighting until in the end she realizes she was afraid for nothing and also decides to be friends with Joannie.