I Honestly Love You (No, Not You)
Season 3, Episode 20
Air Date March 29, 2009
Guest cast
Previous Super-Stitous Girl
Next For (Give) a Little Bit

I Honestly Love You (No, Not You) is the 20th episode of season 3


Miley gets an injury while skiing and ends up in the hospital. She can be able to hear what her friends are saying and heard Oliver say he loves her while holding her hand, much to her suprise since he's dating Lilly. When she comes back he said he's happy to see his Lillypop, but Miley tries to slap him. When she comes home she tells Lilly that he doesn't love her even though she's in love with him and Lilly starts bawling. Miley tried lots of things to calm her down. Bringing her tissues, offering a cold pack, and built a castle out of popsicle sticks. Then Robby accidentally said Oliver loved Miley which enraged Lilly and decided to get a picture of her with another guy. But it turns out Oliver was trying to practice to say it to Lilly and that means he loves Lilly, leaving Miley to blame. Although Lilly and Oliver are initially angry that Miley nearly broke them up, she talked it out with her friends and everything was okay.

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