Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office
Season 4, Episode 2
Air Date July 18, 2010
Guest cast Hayley Chase as Joanie
Tammin Sursok as Siena
Morgan York as Sarah
Erin Matthews as Karen Kunkle
Ray Liotta as Principal Luger
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Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office is the 87th epiosde of Hannah Montana and the second episode of season 4.


When Miley doesn't get registered for school in time, Principal Luger makes an exception to Hannah getting registered, which then fixes the problem. However, Miley realizes that having Hannah in school causes more problems. Meanwhile, Jackson gets paranoid when Siena asks him out.

Miley and Lilly are getting their TimeTables for school when it is found that Miley isn't registered. It turns out that Robby forgot to mail in the forms and she isn't allowed to register until the second semester. Miley has an idea to enter Hannah Montana in school as it turns out the Principle is a fan. She is soon upset for although she is getting everything she wanted to do in senior year it isn't the same. She wanted to work on a float but the students wanted her to be ON the float. In the end President Obama enrolls Miley in school.

Co-stars: LaTonya Holmes as Choir Woman #1, Fuschia! as Choir Woman #2, Clent Bowers as Choir Guy, Reggie Brown as President Barack Obama
Guest stars: Tammin Sursok as Siena, Erin Matthews as Karen Kunkle, Morgan York as Sarah, Hayley Chase as Joannie Palumbo
Special guest star: Ray Liotta as Principal Luger

Hannah song featured: "Ordinary Girl"