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Hannah's Gonna Get This
Season 4, Episode 8
Air Date October 3, 2010
Guest cast Iyaz
Previous Love That Lets Go
Next I´ll Always Remember You

Hannah's Gonna Get This is the eighth episode of "Hannah Montana Forever" which premiered on October 3, 2010.


Main Plot

Hannah has to write a new song for her upcoming album before Friday. She writes a song that her director doesn't like. He finds 10 Hannah fans and asks them if they like the song which most of them don't, so Hannah makes Lilly dress up as a kid to try to convince them.

In the end, Hannah realizes that it is her career and she wants to do the song even if there are some negative comments. In the end, she ends up recording the song as a duet with Iyaz.


Meanwhile, Jackson sees that Rico has a mustache and he tries to grow one too. After several failed attempts, Jackson admits that he can't grow a mustache, but after doing some research, he discovers that everyone in Rico's family who has or had a mustache ended up bald much to Rico's horror.




Guest Stars

  • Iyaz as himself
  • Brie Bernstein as Tina
  • Zach Callison as Douglas
  • Gildart Jackson as Quinn
  • Nay Nay Kirby as Chelsea
  • Brighton Sharbino as Cammi



  • This is the final episode before Hannah Montana reveals her secret to the world.
  • Hannah's recording manager says that he needs one more song by Friday and Hannah eventually writes one, but there is an error because Robbie Ray is writing one called "Barefoot Cinderella" (one of Hannah Montana's songs), but that's an error because it is featured on the "Hannah Montana Forever" album. There could be a solution where Robby gives it to Miley because he is proud of her writing all the songs on her album, but we just haven't seen it yet.