For (Give) a Little Bit
Season 3, Episode 21
Air Date March 29, 2009
Guest cast
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Miley is interviewed by a radio show while Jackson argues with Robbie Ray about Malibu Community College. This causes Miley to make a remark about Jackson to the interviewer, although no one had ever heard of Hannah having a brother. Miley continues to make fun of Jackson during the interview, but Robby tells her to tell the interviewer that she doesn't mean it. Unfortunately, the interviewer hangs up before Hannah has the chance.

Jackson then attempts to prank Miley, but is stopped by Robbie, who points out that Miley regrets making fun of Jackson. Miley apologizes, and Jackson forgives her on the condition that Hannah take him to Hannah's friend Traci's party that night to impress a girl.

Hannah and Lola arrive at the party, which is Traci-spa-themed. Hannah discovers that someone has told the press that she sucks her thumb (which she does in her sleep when she feels guilty). Hannah of course blames Jackson, and is made fun of by his date, Mia, when she asks where Jackson is. 

When Hannah finds Jackson (getting a facial), she makes it look like he has long snot coming out of his nose, which he throws at Mia. Mia storms out, saying she will never date another college freshman. 

Hannah then yells at Jackson for telling the press about her thumb-sucking, and when he denies it, Lola confesses. She says she was talking to Traci and let it slip accidentally. Jackson gets angry because Hannah blamed him and drives off in Hannah's car.

Jackson ignores Miley, who suggests that she should embarass herself in front of her crush so she and Jackson would be even. After accomplishing this, Jackson still doesn't forgive her. Miley purposely humiliates herself again, to no avail. Jackson admits that it wasn't embarrassing him that hurt him, it was the fact that Miley thought he dragged their problems into the Hannah world. Miley then apologizes and Jackson forgives her.


Rico asks Robbie to sign a Robby Ray album, who figures out that Rico is interested in a girl who likes country music. Rico tells the girl that he is a world champion line dancer and asks Robbie to help him. Robbie forces Rico to embarass himself in front of the whole beach by loudly proclaiming, "Yee doggies, I love that there country music!"

Robbie teaches Rico the electric slide, which Rico adds his own Latin flair to. Robbie tells Rico he needs to get in touch with his "inner cowboy," which he does by riding a fake horse. Rico successfully walks like a cowboy and then, because of his soreness from the fake horse, successfully dances like one.

Robbie finds Rico later, who tells him that his date stood him up. Robbie and Rico then dance on the beach, and when Robbie backs out, a girl joins Rico.