Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting
Season 2, Episode 14
Air Date July 29, 2007
Guest cast Michael Steger
Michael Kagan
Karina Smirnoff
Najla Bashirah
Noah Cyrus
Brie Gabrielle
Kelli Dawn Hancock
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"Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting" is the fourteenth episode of Season 2. The title is a reference to the song "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas, which includes the line, "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting."


Oliver expresses feeling left out for not being invited backstage to any Hannah Montana concerts. Feeling bad about this, Miley invites him backstage of her next concert despite opposition from Lilly (who is jealous of having to share her privileges with anyone). Later Miley has to choose between Lilly and Oliver to go to a celebrity tennis tournament with her when she is invited to play by a very cute tennis star, Guillermo Montoya, and she only has one ticket resulting in a war between Lilly and Oliver. Thanks to Rico, she gets an extra ticket so she can take both of them.

It turned out that Miley should not have invited Lilly or Oliver, as they constantly fought during the tennis game, so she lost the game. In the end, Lilly and Oliver apologize to each other.

Meanwhile, Jackson tricks Rico into thinking he is "cursed" by paying a psychic to tell him he is an evil boy, and Rico must be nice to undo the "curse".


  • In this episode, Lilly (as Lola) reluctantly helps Oliver to create his disguise, Mike Standley III, who is kind of a hip-hop-rapper-guy. He comes up with this name because he sees a microphone stand nearby.
  • The fortune teller is played by Billy Ray Cyrus' partner on Dancing with the Stars, Karina Smirnoff. When she talks to Robby at the end, it is a direct reference to Billy Ray Cyrus' time on Dancing with the Stars. Her advice for his dancing is exactly what the judges said ("bend your knees").


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your guest umpire, TV's favorite talk show host, Colin Lassiter.
Colin: Thank you. And welcome to the United Peoples Relief celebrity Pro-Am. Taking the court right now, Andy Roddick and his partner, the adorable Dakota Fanning. And entering from the north side, Guillermo Montoya and his partner, in her first appearance on the pro-am circuit, America's songbird, Hannah Montana!
Mike: Thank you so much! Watching from backstage was so, so...
Hannah: If you say freaky-freaky-fun, you're going home!
Guillermo (to Hannah): I thought you put the tennis in Tennessee?
Hannah: I guess I just kinda left it there!
Robbie: What takes you girls so long?
Hannah: Wig,
Lola: Make-up,
Hannah: Wardrobe,
Both (pointing out their bracelets): Bling!
Hannah: And then you hate it and you gotta start all over again.
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