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De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don't-Don't, Don't, Tell My Secret
Season 4, Episode 4
Dont tell my secret.jpg
Air Date August 1, 2010
Guest cast
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This is the 89th episode of Hannah Montana fourth episode of fourth season.


Miley almost blows her cover when she returns from a Hannah Montana appearance and Siena spots her, and then becomes suspicious that Jackson is seeing Hannah again. (Siena websearched Jackson and knows that they supposedly 'dated' after paparazzi showed up at their front door).

Jackson and Miley go outside, fighting as Jackson tried to go inside and tell Siena the secret. They made a pact that if Siena spots Hannah again, Miley has to tell Siena the secret. The next day Siena almost spots Hannah again but Lilly covers Miley with a blanket and said that it was just Miley. Miley invited Siena over and almost showed her the Hannah closet but doesn't when Siena tells a secret Jackson told. Miley keeps telling Jackson she can't be trusted and he repeats that she needs to do it for him.

Miley then says that she has to do a Hannah thing and she'll tell her after, but Jackson said that she'll just keep procrastinating until they break up. Miley feels bad and when she comes back from her Hannah thing, she shows Siena the Hannah closet. (She doesn't know who Lola is.) Siena also offered Miley to go shopping sometime since she thinks Miley has ugly clothes. Meanwhile, Robbie goes fishing and Rico joins him. Rico always caught huge fish all the time while Robbie didn't catch anything. In the end, we find out that Rico hired a scuba diver to make all the fish go to only his rod.


  • The photo on Jackson's phone when Miley is calling him, is the photo on Miley's driver's license as you can see in "Ready, Set, Don't Drive".