Cheat It
Season 3, Episode 10
Air Date March 15, 2009
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"Cheat It" is the 10th episode of the Season 3 and the 65 episode of Hannah Montana. It originally aired on March 15, 2009 with 4.4 million viewers. 

The title is based on the song "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. 


Main Plot


In the beginning we see Hannah posing with Austin Rain at the 15th Annual Teen Scene Awards looking loved up as the reporter calls Austin her new beau. But the moment the cameras are off, Hannah and Austin show their absolute disgust for each other. They are only pretending to be a couple to promote their new duet "Us Isn't Us Without You."


In the next scene, we see Miley sticking her chewed gum onto Austin's face in a magazine cover. Lilly jokes about how hot Austin is only to get a look from Miley. The bell rings and Lilly, and the rest of the students who were overfilling the hallways just a moment ago, leave. Miley is ready to leave for class too when she sees Jackson suspiciously trading a paper for some money with a guy. She finds out that he bought test answers and flushes it down the toilet in the girls' bathroom. Jackson tries to follow her and finds himself face to face with a teacher leaving the girls' bathroom and is sent to the principal.


Main Plot


In the kitchen, Miley warns Jackson not to cheat again. Jackson agrees and Miley hugs him and tells him how proud she is. However, they have a visitor—the same boy Jackson was receiving the paper from yesterday (Jeff). "Yo dude, try not to lose this one?" Miley realizes that he was still making deals with Jeff, and while Jackson pretends he isn't, Miley knows. Then Jackson points out the hypocrisy of what Miley's doing (as Hannah) by pretending that she's in love with Austin Rain when she's not.

Miley tries arguing that in her case it's different, and after explaining the situation to Lilly, expects Lilly to take her side, but even Lilly agrees that Jackson has a point with what he's saying: "It's hard to take advice from someone who says one thing but does another." Lilly elaborates by adding that while what Jackson's doing is wrong (which he realizes), he's really only lying to himself whereas Miley (as Hannah) is lying to the whole world about her "bogus boyfriend" (what Jackson referred to Austin as).


Robbie Ray is tired after mopping the floor and from general chores. He sees an ad for Señor Steam, and at first doesn't buy the advertising. However when he hears that it comes with a special hair volumizer, he gives it a call and ends up purchasing it—only to find out Rico owns the company since he was 10.