Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans

General Information
Gender: Male
Series Information
First seen: Hannah Montana: The Movie
Last seen: Love That Lets Go

Blue Jeans is the name of Miley Stewart's horse. He was first seen in Hannah Montana: The Movie living in Tennessee.

He reappears in "Miley Says Goodbye?" when Miley brings him back home to Malibu.

In the episode "Love That Lets Go", Blue Jeans gets bitten by a snake which causes him to become ill, but he recovers.


  • Miley got Blue Jeans when she was 4 years old when he was a scrawny foal; when she first got him, he peed on Robbie's shoes & tugged on Miley's blue jeans.
  • Robby wanted Miley to get a chestnut mare.