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In this episode Miley has the flu and her best friend Lilly tries to take care of her.

Than her father gets married to Ria. However Ria is cheating on him with Duke, Marm and Dez.

She finds out and tries to tell her dad but her dad wouldn't believe her so Billy kicks Miley outside.


Miley: How dare you cheat on my father?! Ria: I can do whatever I want to do. Jeana: You got that right, dude. Miley: Thank you jeana, lets go away from this "ugly popular" Miley: Little brother thats real name is Okeai Moria Finds out that he has the biggest talent ever that just said no to the greatest singer ever that acts in a movie with 20498298 calories with water and loves but doesnt hate SAY WHAT?! Okeai: Yeah, my mom is yours too.