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• 3/9/2018

Episode query

Hello? I've been trying to figure out something that's been on my brain for quite a while: What is the name of the episode which had Miley help with Rico's art project? I'd REALLY like to know...
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• 12/2/2017

Hannah´s house

Hello everyone! I´m a big fan of Hannah Montana´s and since I am visiting Malibu next month I thought I could maybe see the "house" from outside. I know that one girl has done it, but do you know if it is really possible? I would love to hear your reply, thank you very much
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• 11/26/2017


I went to hannahmontana.com where all the info you need, SPOILERS AHEAD:New Movie coming 2019, but Hannah Montana isn't played by Miley Cyrus this time, sorry folks. Emily Osment and Billy Ray Cyrus are both on it, as usual.But these are just spoilers
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• 8/21/2017

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• 1/7/2016

hannahmotan tickest

love miley she my sister morgan baer 27
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• 7/25/2015

Hannah Montana Reunion? Possibly?

Miley Cyrus teases about a Hannah Montana reunion... but has some conditions...
Could it really be the The Best of Both Worlds? It's possible! Hollywood Life (internet website) sat down in an interview with Miley Cyrus and it's very surprising what she says! Read below for more!
She says "I don't know, I don't know!" Miley says, "Only is she has an alter ego that is actually me- reverse it all the way around!"
She might've been promoting her new Viva Glam campaign for MAC Cosmetics which is also the subject of Hannah Montana and Miley's many wigs.
"Everybody loves a wig!" said Miley.
When asked if she ever slips on a Hannah wig, Miley said, clearly upset, "I didn't even get to keep one. Can you believe that?"
Um, no we cannot.
It just seems like yesterday that we were jamming out to "Nobody's Perfect" in our bedrooms, but believe it or not, it's almost been 10 years since the beloved series debuted on Disney Channel.
What do you say Wikia users, would you like to see a Hannah Montana reunion?
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